We first met Rowi Singh when she wandered into our pop up shop in Manly in October 2014. We instantly bonded over our shared obsession of statement jewels and eclectic style. Since then, Rowi has blown up into an Instagram beauty and style sensation, with over 250K followers tuning in to learn her incredible self-taught makeup skills and accessories styling.  Rowi is our festival style queen, and with the summer festival season upon us, we asked Rowi a few questions about herself, her personal style & her top festival styling tips... 
Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do… 
I'm Rowi Singh, a full time creative influencer on Instagram. I specialise in creative makeup looks, that you probably won't see most people doing. I fuse my heritage with my modern aesthetic as a means of inspiring young women of colour to create, and be, whoever they please. 
How would you describe your personal style? 
It's very eclectic, a bit vintage and unique. I love pairing basic pieces with statement jewellery and accessories.
Who are your biggest inspirations for all things fashion & beauty?
For makeup it would be @stella.s.makeup because she's incredibly unique. I always look to @giizeleoliveira for fashion inspo.
What’s your go-to festival look? 
A billowing skirt, high knee black boots, a jingly belt, lots of jewellery, a vintage top, a killer pair of sunnies and lots of glitter and face jewels (or something like that).
Ultimate Festival Style - Rowi Singh
What tips would you give someone on creating their own festival style? 
Wear whatever makes you feel most confident, and don't be afraid to push boundaries, wearing something a little different to most.
What is your least favourite festival trend? 
Not a fan of the glitter boobs and hot pants look. 
What’s your prediction on the next big festival trend?
I think it may steer away from boho to more edgy, like latex, berets, mesh and chains. 
You are absolute killer at makeup. When did this fascination start and how did you learn your skills?
I love treating makeup more of an art form - I find it really fun to be as creative as I can. I love creating looks that make people go, 'wow I've never seen that before'. And I'm completely self taught! 
When it comes to festival makeup, you are our muse!  What are your top tips for festival makeup? 
1. Glitter - but don't throw it on manically. Little inner eye sparkles and under the eyes and cheeks is classy and cute! 
2. Setting powder and primer so your face stays on the whole day 
3. A pop of colour with the eyeshadow 
4. Keep the lips a neutral colour 
5. Lots of highlighter for that glow 
Ultimate Festival Style - Rowi Singh
Scrolling through your Instagram, it’s clear you’ve nailed the selfie.  What is your secret to the perfect selfie? 
Lighting is everything!! 
Quick 5:
1. Song you can’t stop listening to: Doves in the Wind - SZA
2. Favourite quote: "Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise" - Frank Ocean 
3. Top place on your travel wish list: LA at the moment 
4. Festival you’d love to go to: Coachella and Camp Flog Gnaw 
5. Dream artist to see perform at a festival: Kanye West 
Ultimate Festival Style - Rowi Singh
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September 28, 2017 — Lisa Napier


Bec Sav said:

This look is actually Absolutely Stunning ❤ great blog post!

Happi Kaur said:

I love Rowi’s style. She’s extremely creative and her looks inspire me so much!!

Sneha Menezes said:

I’ve been following her on instagramfor for a while now and too seriously how far she has come is absolutely amazing love the looks she creates

Kavleen said:

Rowi is STUNNING and we both love knee high black boots!!

Kalindra hall said:

Absolutely breathtaking. So much beauty, so much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Patti said:

I follow her on instragram and her style, talent for makeup and how encouraging she is of other girls to be confident is amazing!

Shayla Moore said:

Rowi, I’m obsessed with your style!! Wowser. Everything I aspire to be like ??

Olive Sahara said:

Such beautiful pieces!! I could 100% see myself wearing these to all kinds of events & looking glam af✨??

Tenzin Palden said:

Love her makeup and how she put it together?

Sharayu kushare said:

Im a big fan of rowi’s makeup the way she dresses up and whatever she wears she looks just perfect. And i will be the happiest person if i get a chance to win this luckydraw….☺

Lara said:

Such a festival queen! Love all things vintage and tribal. Great blog ???

Tania Islam said:

Rowi, you are literally a goddess!?
Also lost lover all your jewelry is stunning, there’s so much time and love put into each peice. ??

Julita said:

Love her look <3

tabetha tlili said:

love the jewelry the look is amazing

Rosna Kadel said:

I have been following her since 5 or 6 months and I just love her. She looks so phenomenal with all these accessories and makeups. She’s my next favorite thing after lady Gaga. God bless her. ❤️

Kendi said:

I’ve been following her for years now ! I wish we had more festivals where I’m from. Her edginess is just me on the inside waiting fo come out ? love this

Sonia Chang said:

Lost Lover is truly an amazing Australian’ s favorite brand with unique and artistic designed. It remains me Indian and South America old jewelry. I love details of handcrafted with modern twist. I love all of them.

Dionn Massoud said:

Love love love this website and Rowi Singh! Both the jewellery and Rowi’s bold style are so empowering. Best collection by far

Nadine said:

Love the way you styled the accessories & you look gorgeous!!

Aimee Leonard said:

I am so in love with every single piece! So full of vision and natural beauty. I’m consistently taken aback by the volume in which each item screams my name, as if they and I belong together, as one

Alice Mod said:

Love this look

Mady Zabar said:

So much beauty in it all. And all the jewellery is stunning. So so funky

Anthea Flowers said:

The perfect combo of dark meets light. So much inspo here!! Love love love x

Alycia said:

Outfit!, Accessorries. I love it all.
So well styled

Hannah M said:

So dark and dreamy…. the perfect combo. Heaps of inspiration from both you guys, much love

allexa said:

Absolutely obsessed with her while look!!

Shannon Sampsel said:

So thankful for the opportunity to enter ❤️ I am a Festival junkie and this would be a dream come true!! Fingers crossed, thx again

debbie said:

fantastic outfit and look very stunning. love the accesories too all loks simply amazing :)

Khadija said:

Been a fan of hers for a while. I love when people embrace their culture and turn it into their own trend. She’s extremely beautiful and talented and she’s walking proof that you don’t need to stick to the norm to be fashionable.

Veronica De said:

She looks beautiful, love it all.

Nel said:

A dreammmm! To say I love this will be an understatement!!!!

Sara said:

Absolutely gorgeous, love her look!!! ((as always)) The statement jewelry pieces look amazing on her, one of my top favourite festival looks!!

Sara said:

Absolutely gorgeous, love her look!!! ((as always)) The statement jewelry pieces look amazing on her, one of my top favourite festival looks!!

Sarah said:

Love her!!

Caroline Brown said:

I love Rowi’s eye make-up in those pics! Inspired to try a turquoise look now! Thanks!!

Chris Ampersand said:


Hannah Wells said:

Perfect festival pieces. Love her style, the jewellery, makeup and clothing all compliment one another beautifully!

Emily said:

That headpiece is absolutely gorgeous

yvonne ryan said:

your jewellery is absolutely gorgeous and very unique

brenda williams said:

all your pieces are so awesome

Juliette Lefèvre said:

I’m so in love with everything you make Lost Lover. I’ve been looking for a brand like yours for a while and I’m so glad I finally found it ! It’s amazing !

Paula K said:

She is absolutely stunning! She also seems like she would be an awesome person to just hang out with.
I love all of this jewelry, so outstanding.

Manuela said:

Overall awesome look! Super beautiful

Laura Power said:

Stunning pieces, real show stoppers

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She is an absolute goddess !!! This girl can wear anything & constantly breaking barriers and doing what others are afraid to do…LOVE

Mary said:

Love these amazing pieces!

Rochelle said:

I’m amazed with every look Rowi creates. Each one is unique and bold, and she always manipulates colour and texture to perfection! Combined with your jewellery range it’s definitely my festival inspiration ?

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Very bold & unique

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She is fabouls and i’m in love with her hair styles and her jewellery ✨

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So lost in love with all lost lover!
Been following for a while now and can’t wait to get my paws on some new stylish jewels.

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