We're sure you've noticed the latest interior decorating trend popping up all over Instagram - the basket wall - and we are OBSESSED.  It is the perfect way to add a unique bohemian touch to your home, not to mention an easy and inexpensive DIY project!
We have scoured Instagram for the most beautiful basket walls to give you a little bit of inspiration to create your own.
Here is our countdown of the 10 best basket walls on Instagram... 
Your basket wall may never be complete, keep adding to it over time as you come across unusual baskets and trinkets that you love! It will become your own unique piece of art in your home.
9. Alycia Lynn | @goldenbirchmama
Isn't this just the sweetest entrance to a home? We love the natural colour palette and cute basket wall arrangement.
8. Copper and Cross | @copperandcross
Who said a basket wall needed to include multiple baskets? Make a statement with one basket, and pair with a whole lot of plants! We are obsessed with the Chunga Round by Copper & Cross.
7. Becca Uptmor | @littleladybird
Becca shows us that basket walls aren't just for the living room! Freshen up your bathroom with a cluster of colourful baskets & indoor plants.
6. Carley Page Summers | @carlaypage
Boho interior style queen, Carley, shows us how it's done with this tribal inspired basket wall over the lounge. Add texture & a pop of colour to your living room with a basket wall!
5. Blackband Design | @blackbanddesign
Beautiful coastal coloured baskets in different shapes arranged in a tight cluster - we are lusting over this basket wall! 
4. Corinna | @thebohoabode
Loving this vintage bohemian feel - above your couch is a perfect spot for a feature basket wall, adding warmth & texture to your lounge room.
3. Kari Lopez | @theaccidentalbohemian
What's better than a basket wall?  A basket wall with plants!  Welcome to Kari's jungle. Bring your basket wall to LIFE by sitting air plants inside the baskets & a climbing plant entwined through the basket wall.
2. Spencer Monk | @spencer.monk
Find a bunch of inexpensive baskets at your local thrift shop, and pair with some of our Pakistani hand woven baskets to create this look!
1. Lita Lee | @craveinteriors
Create contrast and make a statement with a dark coloured wall and an eclectic cluster of baskets. We love the addition of the feathered Juju hat in this incredible basket wall!
Which one is your favourite basket wall?! Or do you have a favourite that isn't on this list? Leave a comment below!
Ready to create your own basket wall? Check out of latest range of tribal baskets here and kick start your collection! 
June 13, 2020 — Lisa Napier

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