On 30th July the world celebrates International Friendship day and we are loving the excuse to honour our BFFs! It’s not all just about cosmopolitans and #squadgoals, having strong friendships are even more important than we give them credit for.

Here are three reasons to be grateful for your besties:

1. Friends provide support and connection

When we have tough decisions to make such as a significant career move, whether or not we should date that guy, or which necklace to choose, our closest friends provide unwavering support and sound reasoning. The best kinds of friends are the ones we can go to when we’re feeling confused and under pressure, and they’ll help us see things clearly. When we have someone like that in our lives, all of a sudden we realise we are not alone, as a true connection will not fade easily.  

2. Good friends make you healthier

Not only do friends make the best gym buddies (especially the ones willing to drag your butt out of bed early in the morning to make it to that hot yoga class on time), studies show that strong friendships have a positive impact on your health. When trying to cut ties with a vice (cigarettes, soft drinks or unhealthy relationships) or implementing a healthy habit, your friends are the mirrors you can’t avoid, helping keep you on track for longer. Those with strong friendships also happen to sleep better and get sick less often. Win win!

3. Healthy friendships will make you live longer

Thanks to all the healthy benefits provided by your BFF, you’re more likely to live longer! Strong social ties are linked to a 50% boost in longevity so you and your crew can grow old together (#squadgoals) as friendship is as good for long-term survival as quitting smoking. Not only do your friends provide you with advice, lols and a shoulder to cry on, they’re also decreasing your risk of developing disease by lowering your blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol.

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July 31, 2018 — Lisa Napier

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