Emerald Goddess Ring - Sterling Silver



Embody elegance in our sterling silver Emerald Goddess ring, featuring a large imitation emerald with bronze casting, with two lines of small shimmering cubic zirconia crystals, and a detailed engraved silver band. 

This innovative ring features an oval faceted emerald-green stone bezel set in the middle of a vintage-inspired design trimmed by white crystals. A highly textured pattern throughout this wide, tapered ring gives it a statement style, perfect for those who adore big chunky looks and pops of rich color. The slim band on the bottom supports this stately ring, inspired by royalty and castles.

The Emerald Goddess Ring is perfect as an elegant bohemian cocktail ring. 

Measurements: Ring length - 20mm, Ring width - 22mm

Ring Sizes:

Small - Size 6 (51.9mm inside circumference)

Medium - Size 7 (54.8mm inside circumference)

Large - Size 8 (57mm inside circumference)

Extra Large - Size 9 (59.5mm inside circumference)