"Blinded by the sun, she wandered. Not needed a place to call home or materialistic things to know who she was. Years of practice and prayer she worshiped the earth, the sun and the sea. The air set her free and the unexplored parts of her soul filled with the sounds and soul of the earth. Moving with the mother and feeling with her heart she lived open, happy and free. Open air, open heart open life was her soul. Her heart. Her passage. Her place."
We are in love with Spinal Style's latest fashion editorial, "Open Air", featuring Lost Lover jewels.
Creative Director & Styling: Stephanie Brown (Spinal Style
Graphic Design: Corey Robson
Photography: Tannar Eacott
Hair: Kylie at Peachies Hair
Makeup: Beth Murphy
Model: Sophie Dulac
Jewellery: Lost Lover, Lazurah 
Clothing: Paint It Red, Sportsgirl, Somedays Lovin, Mink Pink
April 30, 2015 — Lisa Napier

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