You may have seen our beautiful tribal baskets - they are one of Lost Lover's most popular items!  Our tribal baskets are handwoven in Pakistan, using traditional weaving techniques.  The natural fibre (from date palms) is dyed and tightly woven to create beautiful tribal patterns.  Each one is individually handmade, and unique! 

Wondering what to do with these tribal baskets?  Here are just a few ways you could use your tribal baskets...

1. Wall Decor

A big interior design trend right now is the basket wall - and we are OBSESSED.  It is the perfect way to add a unique bohemian touch to your home, not to mention an easy and inexpensive DIY project.

Create your own unique piece of art in your home.  Simply bundle a few tribal baskets together, and hang them vertically on a wall using a nail, or thread some fishing line through the fibres and tie a loop to hang on an existing hook.

Tribal Basket Wall Bohemian Interiors Boho Style

Lost Lover has made it easy for you by offering our Basket Bundles - beautiful baskets that look fab styled together, discounted as a special one-off bundle deal!  Shop our latest Basket Bundles here. 

And for more wall decor inspiration, check out our top 10 countdown of the best basket walls on Instagram here.

2. Fruit Basket

Our tribal baskets are the perfect size and shape to be used as a beautiful fruit basket!  Not only is this a practical way to store your fruit, it also looks absolutely beautiful.  You could even use your fruit basket as a table centrepiece.

Here is an example we created with one of our tribal baskets, and a bunch of colourful, fresh fruit. 

Fruit Basket Bohemian Interiors Boho StyleYou can have a look at our latest single tribal basket designs here. 

3. Gift Basket

Looking for a unique gift for a special someone?  Why not give them a gift basket filled with a few of their favourite things!  Our tribal baskets make for the perfect gift display - simply fill the basket with a few gifts (for example, chocolate, tea, a candle, jewellery, bottle of wine etc), and then wrap with cellophane or tissue paper and finish with a bow at the top. 

Here is a gift basket I gave to a special friend recently (filled with some gifts from one of my favourite shops in Brisbane - Biome) - she absolutely loved it!

Gift Basket Bohemian Style Boho Gift

PS - are you looking for a special gift for the boho lover in your life?  Check out our Gift Bundles - they include a tribal basket filled with our best selling treasures, gift wrapped and ready to give to someone special. 

4. Trinket Bowl

Leave a tribal basket on your side table, bedside table or coffee table, and use as a "carry all" for any of your items - for example, keys, sunglasses, moisturiser, lip balm, coins, jewellery, letters, cards, remote controls etc. 

I use this basket on our side table to store items going in and out of the house each day - just throw everything in!

Trinket Bowl Bohemian Interiors Bohemian Style


Here's some more ideas of ways you could use your tribal baskets - newspaper/magazine holder, toilet paper roll storage, hand towels storage, bread basket, simply a beautiful shelf or table decor.  A few customers have even sent through photos of them wearing the tribal baskets on their heads for belly dancing!

Bellydancing Tribal Baskets Belly Dance AccessoriesPhoto thanks to Caroline Miller and Kerry Hansen from belly dancing group Caravan Project.


Make sure you have a look at our latest Tribal Baskets online here.
We have new designs landing online every month or so!


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June 13, 2020 — Lisa Napier

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