Lost Lover was thrilled to be a part of a recent collaborative photoshoot with a bunch of clever business babes!  Read the story below and enjoy the beautiful images of our collab... 

A collective mindset of Brisbane's best women in bohemian based businesses have delivered this stunning collaborative photoshoot, set in Front Porch Property's newly renovated farmhouse in affluent Coorparoo, Queensland. When you take a step back and consider each and every image in this jaw dropping collaborative effort, it is easy to see the amount of creativity and crafts(wo)manship each business brings. Already drawing strong media attention, these Brisbane based ladies will undoubtedly set new standards in Australian home and interior design.

Master bedroom: Monstera wall hanging - Home Dweller // Tribal Basket, Leather Pouffe,  Moroccan Throw - Lost Lover // Bedding - More Than Ever

The beginnings

The collaboration was the brainchild of three homewares businesses, Coco Rose Interiors, Home Dweller and Lost Lover brought together through a mutual business coach and each other's love of interiors and passion for small business. 

Children's bedroom: Rattan furniture, leather bag, wooden bead garland, macrame cushion, linen cushion - Coco Rose Interiors // Leather Pouffe - Lost Lover // Rug & basket - Dutch Warehouse

Over coffee, the premise became clear as Lost Lover and Felicia from Home Dweller describes, "The idea was to showcase female business owners and creatives from Brisbane.  It was important to find businesses that were the right fit, to ensure we had a consistent vibe and our products complimented each other in the photoshoot.  We wanted the photoshoot to encapsulate our brands; be bohemian inspired, eclectic and fun, with a bright, natural palette."

Children's bedroom: Rattan furniture, leather cushion, linen cushion, linen throw, leather bag - Coco Rose Interiors // Natural Monstera fabric wall hanging - Home Dweller // Rattan mirror - Dutch Warehouse // Leather Pouffe, Kilim cushion, Camel Moroccan rug - Lost Lover

The evolution 

Given the above framework, all unanimously agreed that Louise from Villa Styling was the natural choice, to bring the shoot to life with her unrivalled talent for photography and styling in bohemian based aesthetics. From there, Dutch Warehouse and More Than Ever were invited to round off five beautiful homewares brands that would provide a perfect blend of complimentary interior treasures. Coupled with clothing by Hello Sunday, makeup by Bethany Prickett and videography by Seth Lebrese, each and every highlight was perfectly captured.

Kitchen: Navy Bloom fabric wall hanging - Home Dweller // Kitchen props - Soul Styling Interiors

Location, Location, Location!

The idea was to use a home over a studio to convey exactly how bohemian products can be seamlessly styled into luxury homes. Initially the group researched villas to hire but found the expense of the day began to spiral beyond what many of the small businesses could manage. In true collaboration style, the call was put out across social media groups. Petria from Coco Rose Interiors explains, "The response was incredible from so many women offering such beautiful homes for our shoot. After deliberating on many gorgeous locations, it was decided that Rachel's soon to be listed Farmhouse was the perfect place for the shoot and would be left staged with the products for her auction."

Living room: Poppy fabric wall hanging - Home Dweller // Vintage Moroccan Kilim Rug - Lost Lover / Linen cushionsBeaded bamboo baskets - Coco Rose Interiors // Rattan mirror - Dutch Warehouse

"With approximately 4 weeks from finish, our Brisbane based collaboration went into organisation overdrive to deliver something truly special on the day." 

Verandah: Macrame wall hanging, cushions, wooden bead garland, bamboo beaded baskets - Coco Rose // Leather pouffe - Lost Lover // Rug, woven basket - Dutch Warehouse

The Three Keys to Success

When asked why the collaboration went so well, all businesses involved broke the process into three key points of difference. 

1. Planning

"As they say, “failing to plan is planning to fail”.  A lot of effort went into planning this photoshoot, including finding the right team, choosing the products to be included, coordinating our availability, figuring out the costs involved and organising payment, right down to small details like catering and transport." - Lost Lover

2. Communication

"Communication before, during and after shooting day. Without the great organisational skills and communication of the ones organising this event it would have been a totally different experience." - Dutch Warehouse

3. Cohesiveness 

"Finding collaborators that have a common brand voice and portray similar aesthetics is key. It's important that everyone clicks and has a common vision for the project. - More Than Ever

Master bedroom: Sepia Silver Dollar fabric wall hanging - Home Dweller // Tribal Basket, Leather Pouffe,  Moroccan Throw - Lost Lover // Bedding - More Than Ever

Unexpected Surprises 

There were many expected wins from saying yes to such an event - The opportunity to meet the women behind brands of such admiration, being enabled to create beautiful on-brand product images in a cost-effective way, increased exposure to pre-engaged audiences through cross promotion and the natural line of support that emanates from such an experience. However, there were also many hidden positives that emerged from the day. 

Home Dweller - "Considering that most of us had never met before it was so incredible how well we all clicked – it was such a dream team! When you are running a business on your own it is a lot of work and can feel very overwhelming at times, so to chat to the other women about their challenges and successes was really reassuring and enormously helpful."

Coco Rose Interiors - "I walked away feeling incredibly inspired with a conviction and sense of self belief stronger than I'd ever had before. The power you gain and lessons that can be learned from a group of women chasing their creative passions and succeeding after leaving long term careers, is beyond amazing."

More than Ever - " Meeting everyone involved and chatting about our businesses was really great. Even though we have quite different businesses, everyone has different experiences and so we got lots of tips!"

Living room: Rug, woven baseket - Dutch Warehouse // Cushions, macrame wall hanging, bamboo baskets, wooden bead garland - Coco Rose Interiors // Moroccan throw - Lost Lover

Without a doubt, this collaboration upon Brisbane's beautiful Coorparoo was overwhelmingly a success story. Traditionally, Sydney and Melbourne are thought to be trendsetters in many high end markets however, it is evident that Brisbane based businesses are now holding their own in the interior and home design circles. As the market begins to destabilise for our southern sisters, Brisbane only seems to be gaining strength, drawing high end clientele year upon year. They seek a warmer climate and a slower paced lifestyle in a stress-free home. 

The bohemian style delivers exactly that with a new range of relaxed luxe interiors, inviting a fresh and natural feel to the home. Here, we've seen it executed to perfection. To see a collection of such talent come together is inspiring to say the least and with this as their first collaborative entry, it will be exciting to see what comes next from this dream team. Luckily, they all promise this is not the last we will see of them!

The Dream Team - from left, back row: Rachael Turner (Front Porch Properties), Felicia Gibson (Home Dweller), Bethany Prickett (Bethany Prickett Makeup Artist), Petria Leggo-Field (Coco Rose Interiors), Krysti-Glory Gallo (Soul Styling Interiors), Annemarie Diephuis (Dutch Warehouse), Brook Gossen (More Than Ever) Front row: Mandie McPherson (More Than Ever), Anna (Lost Lover). On the floor, Vintage Beni Ourain rug - Lost Lover

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November 29, 2018 — Lisa Napier

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